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Written by Monney   


Love At First Sight

written by Monney


The moment I saw you, I knew you were the one.

It was as if all the dark clouds were lifted, and finally I saw the sun.

At that moment you didn't see me, while I admired you from a far.

Asking all the questions possible, to my cousins at Vanity bar.

You graciously played pool with me, so I asked you for your name.

Little did I know, things would never be the same.

We flirted, we cracked jokes and we played pool that night.

It never occurred to me then that this was love at first sight.

You asked me for my number, but I didn't know it then.

So you offered me your number, after searching for a pen.

The days that were to follow, were magical to me.

We were falling for each other. Could this really be?

I enjoyed the time I spent with you. You treated me so well.

My cousins told me I looked in love, they could really tell.

The day I left Ghana was sad, the sorrow we could feel.

When I saw the tears in your eyes, I knew that this was real.

I look back and reminisce on the August 17th date.

The night I met my soul mate. The night I sealed my fate.

So I anxiously look forward, to what lies ahead.

And fantasize about that special day when we finally wed.

Our future looks happy, warm, sunny and bright.

Because I am with the man I love, my love at first sight.


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