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The Isosceles project. I like this band out of Toronto, even though they have no lead singer/vocalist. When I was in Toronto, I saw them on the show 'disband'. My thoughts regarding the judges is that they were wrong. I recommend their debut EP Oblivion's Candle. Although I disagree with the judges, I do feel the band would do well to have a vocalist. I say this because I wish I could be their vocalist. Their tracks are hot. Yo Isosceles Project, hook me Their progressive instrumental sound keeps you high. It's like you can ride in the car with the accelerator on the floor and bob your head till your neck aches. I like the way they gave their opinions to the judges of disband and basically told them that Isosceles Project doesn't really care what they think. LOL I'll be supporting this band, though I still think they need a vocalist, namely myself.


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