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Written by Jay Dee   
Big Daddy Kane album cover Big Daddy Kane Album Cover Big Daddy Kane has always been one of my favorite MC's of all time. However, my crew of friends always discounted him because he dressed nice and loved the women, something rappers shouldn't do.

The crew could never argue with me when I would recite Kane's lyrics and put them up against any of their favorite rappers' lyrics. Kane has always been one of the fiercest MC's out there. The love making and smooth dressing was before his time and now must be looked back upon as just that, BDK was before his time! What we don't understand, we write off as it shouldn't be! I put Big Daddy Kane's lyrics against all their favorites, LL Cool J, Rakim, KRS-1 and more. Kane's lyrics held ground and even survived over time. I'm the "B-i-g D-a-Double D-y K-a-n-e," dramatic, Asiatic, not like many, I'm different, so don't compare me to another, cause they can't hang, word to the mother!" It doesn't get any better than that!

Jay-Z Rolling StoneJay-Z American Gangsta
Jay-Z, considered by many to be the "King of New York," has Kane to thank for much of his success. Jay-Z plays the role and 'dresses' hip hop a lot, but these photos are far from what rappers are supposed to be wearing!. Without question, the west was won by run by 2 $hort, one of the flyest dresser in the game for a long time. Even Sir Mix-A-Lot wore the suits and top hats when he rhymed. Why was so much grief given to Kane for wearing fly suits and rocking the tightest flat top in 1989?

Big Snoop Dogg Black Cowboy Outfit Big Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg has taken West Coast rap to the next level and he still rocks the fly outfits which 'normal' rappers wouldn't wear. Yet, Snoop is still regarded as a lyrical genius representing the west coast. Snoop sports the 'rapper-ware' a lot with the dookie chains, but he is fly as a kite on a lot of occasions too!

Outkast The South Coast is ruled by none other than Outkast, 2 Dope Boyz in a Cadillac! Nobody from down south is even a close second to Outkast. Take a look at all the crazy dressing these fellas did through the years and are still on top for their creative spirit and lyrics. Kane should receive the same if not greater respect and credit for what he was doing back in the late 80's and early 90's. The freestyle he kicks at the end of the video documentary says it all and shows that even in retirement, he's still fiercer than 97% of the MC's out there now. He's probably still better than 100% of MC's dropping albums after 1997!


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