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Potluck is a smorgasboard of gangsta rap, reggae, beat boxing, and comedy. While the lyrics don't exactly conjure the images of Baptist women and asparagus casserole that the name would imply, Potluck proves that rappers can, occasionally, rhyme about something other than bitches and hoes. In addition to the typical rap themes found on “Stoner Bitch,” and “Smoke the Pain Away,” the album also highlights some issues such as media defining unrealistic beauty, family, poverty, and macaroni and cheese.

Potluck consists of two people, 1 Ton and Underrated. Underrated, a white boy, struggles to maintain a rapper reputation alongside his bigger, blacker counterpart. Underrated talks about his past on the album, growing up as a shy boy in the suburbs. On his final song, “2 Minute Drill,” Underrated raps 40 bars in two minutes to prove that white guys can rap. On “Funny Shit,” he spits out 32 bars in one minute – impressive. The lines include “Girls wanna touch me like I'm braille.”

Potluck incorporates uncommon instrumentation, like jazzy guitar riffs, organ music, and reggae rhythms. The album also features three comedy skits and other rappers: Kottonmouth Kings, Twiztid, and Krizz Kaliko. One of the final songs, “My Dad,” is dedicated to the fathers of Potluck, and Underrated raps that his dad still comes to all of his shows. On “Real Love,” they say, “You may not be what TV tells me a girl's supposed to be. That's ok with me. You're beautiful.” On their political anthem, “There's No Limits,” which begins with clips of presidents from Nixon to Bush, they write, “The rich get richer and the poor keep dreaming.” The group proves that there are significant and inspiring innovations possible in rap, both musically and lyrically.

Potluck - "Pipe Dreams" Movie Review
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