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Written by Bishop   
Aside from his tongue twister days and Hawaiian Sophie fame, Jay Z has always been about average. I never saw the hype in this guy.

I mean he has good business and marketing and decent style, but as with 95% of artist out in the mainstream there's never been any substance or character to this guy. He just picks up styles, slangs, and causes from other people and uses them for his personal gain, and smartly done I might add. But as usual plenty sheepish patrons who buy his music or support him are blind to that.

And here we have Memphis Bleek, one of Jay's lackies basically giving Jay Z a good spin. The opportunity concept makes sense, but I figure he's just covering his The yes man in the background is pretty annoying. In hip hop I notice every artist has yes- men(half of which are trying to get a deal, the other half of which are just riders), and the yes-men have yes-men. It's like there are different levels of yes-men

Bleek can say what he wants. Jay Z is basically trying to clear all artists out of Def Jam and bring in his own artists. I so wish L.L. wasn't in a slump or would get out of his weird downward spiral and come back and smack Jay Z and his camp in the mouth with something. All this garbage music and lack of style has me nauseated. Oh well, back to listening to my old school and true contemporary underground artists with more talent than the phonies I just talked about.



-1 #1 2009-03-27 09:20
Jay-Z is running all the Def Jam originals away from Def Jam. Method Man is broke and owes back taxes, L.L. was booted, haven't heard anything from an old school Def Jam artist in a long time! All we hear is whatever Jay-Z wants to promote of his new artists. Maybe that's why Russell got out of the way and let Jay-Z take over. A hidden conspiracy to get rid of the original artists and Russell Simmons didn't have the guts to do it. So he brought in Jay-Z to strangle the artists out of Def Jam by not promoting anything from the artists! As we all know, an artist can't survive if there is no promotion and these cats can't go back to selling tapes and CDs out of the trunks of their cars. Jay-Z sucks.

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