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Originating from the wholesome town of Akron, Ohio, crafting blues from an unfinished basement, Dan Auerbach took a brief stint from his band, The Black Keys, to show his individual musical personality with solo album, Keep it Hid.

Auerbach is no stranger to blues or heartbreak, and his soul cries through the voice of his guitar. In the classically blues-like melody, Heartbroken, In Disrepair, he cries, “God may forgive me, but that's not enough/ 'Cause I gotta live with myself until I'm dust.” In his soulful anthem, The Prowl, his fingers crawl along the strings like an alley cat seeking a fallen bird in the dust of a dilapidated factory building. The album's namesake track, Keep it Hid, speaks of a wandering criminal entrusting his free life to his “tight-lipped queen.” His digitally-altered voice adds an eerie quality to his words, also used in I Want Some More, a song of lustful infatuation, and When I Left the Room. This song is heavily rhythmic, with emphasized percussion, two rhythm guitars, and a banjo for melody. Street Walkin' captures the mind of a worn homeless man and the rhythm of his obstinate footsteps. Auerbach captures his thoughts with “The ghosts were talkin'/ My mind was gone/ I was/ Street walkin'.”

The melodies are simple, but fun. Some guitar riffs speak to earlier days of music, painting auditory images of old bachelors on front porches, gathering in the scathing heat of the deep south to soothe the scarred soul. The vocals of Dan Auerbach soothe the heartbroken and quench the musical palate. His modern blues is truly an audible masterpiece for the 21st century.

Dan Auerbach - "Keep It Hid" Movie Review
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