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Written by Jay Dee   
Keri Hilson has been in music for a while as a songwriter and has been thrust front and center. She is pretty enough to make it, but does she have all of what it takes to be an award winning singer to match her songwriting talent?

Short answer, no ... long answer, maybe if she puts in a lot of hard work and make more smart industry moves. This song is pretty much cookie cutter and displays no talent. She can't sing all that well, she can't dance, and she just appears to lack any level of creativity to be in front of the camera as an artist. However, she did make a few good industry moves. She made a cookie cutter song that has the sound of a recent hit. Take your pick as to what hit it sounds like because it sounds like a few of them and when I saw Wayne in the video, I know where the beats came from. Lil Wayne on your song is a smart industry move and automatically gets you a hit with R&B and Hip Hop music lovers.

Looking past Lil Wayne's inclusion on the song and his possible influence on the music, and seeing Hilson for what she brings to the table as an artist, I will have to give her 2 CDs for "Turnin Me On."

Keri Hilson featuring Lil Wayne - "Turnin Me On " Review
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