Is Swine Flu another scare tactic E-mail
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Written by Norton   
We had SARS, bird flu, mad cow disease, now swine flu. Are these really emergency scenarios or overhyped fear mongering? Whether its avian flu, mad cow disease, pig flu, dog flu whatever it is, you'll have 10 people world wide who die from it which probably happens with EVERY disease/bacteria/virus anyway. It's serious that deaths occur, but when 20 people out of hundreds of millions in one country die, why all the panic. More people die from malaria, heart disease, and diabetes, but the alarms are not as loud. Another thing that disturbs me is how people are so ready to go take a vaccine without knowing what's really in the vaccine. People can not afford to take someone elses word all the time. Taking investigation and research into one's own hands is important these days, even when it comes to these frightening plague scenarios.