Are you broke, frustrated, and owe money E-mail
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Written by Joe Phix   
Are you broke, frustrated, and owe money? Join the club. Its can get really tough on people at times. You look in your bank account and see a negative balance. Bill collectors calling. You're wondering whether to pay the car insurance or the electricity bill this month. All the bill collectors are sending reminders. You're depending on credit cards or using one credit card to pay another one. Some days I wonder when I'll get out of this spiral. I realize that it doesn't help to worry about it, but that can be a challenge. At this time you have to just gather your thoughts, clear your mind and say a prayer, and do some meditation. Complaining and getting upset is the hardest thing NOT to do. I'm still in the struggle myself and wondering when there will be light at the end of this tunnel. You fight hard not to get discouraged, you fight hard not to get down and depressed and into negative thinking. Sometimes you run out of energy to do anything. Every now and then you gotta regroup and get your focus back. Focus, then plan, then action. This is a process that we have to put into practice and deal with financial issues head on. Focus, plan, and action may not bring results overnight, but overtime you will definitely see a difference. Remember, the most successful people have failed over and over and over again. Edison failed anywhere from 1000 times to 6500 times on his different inventions. At times you'll feel like you've failed but you have to get back up and focus, plan, and get back into action. Do that every time you feel like a failure and don't look back.