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Written by Jay Dee   
MerCee and Boss-Smit are back with another single off the upcoming album, Da Relapse. This track takes a different spin than MerCee's previous releases. We've heard fierce lyrics, tight similes and metaphors and more. This song is MerCee's laid back, take some weight off, and chill the f*ck out song.

MerCee has just about everything you could ask for on this album as I said before. The man has shown us fast flow, slow flow, old school flow and new school flow. Is there any type of flow MerCee can't do? For all the haters waiting on MerCee to drop a dud ... you will grow old waiting! MerCee is for real and is the most solid new artist I have ever listened to. MerCee has it and I believe it's only a matter of time before MerCee is making a hard hit in the hip hop industry. I've seen the very best up close as well as the very worse. MerCee has the potential to be up there with the best! Even on this track where he is not as fierce as before, he still keeps your attention and keeps your head bobbing.

MerCee gets 4 out of 5 for "Weedhead" ... not bad for a weed song! Not many artists can pull that off.

MerCee - "Weedhead" Review
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0 #9 Jeff Lebo 2009-09-28 17:40
This track sounds kinda nice. Where is the album?
0 #8 2009-09-22 13:59
yea that ish was off the hook!
0 #7 2009-07-07 00:05
I just found the song it sounds even better. I love this song my mom want let me play it in her car tho lol.wonder of mom use to light itjavascript:void(0); up?emmmm lol
0 #6 2009-06-29 14:50
video & song go hard son
0 #5 2009-06-26 06:37
well im not going to front I likes this smoke song.
0 #4 2009-06-23 04:29
dayum JD, u right man, this boy holdin it down on a f*ckin weed track. dude is that hot chonky fire.

atl too strong!
0 #3 2009-06-23 04:06
if this is NC [censored] Im feeling it yo!!!
0 #2 2009-06-22 13:26
LOL. Man, this cat even sounds good on a weed song. LOL. Do yo thang man.
0 #1 2009-06-22 13:12

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