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To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing because I am offended by the way America is treating our Commander In Chief. America is being snobbish and a bunch of hypocrites. I am a Democrat but most of all American. When Chavez called Bush the Devil we all were offended, but now our own citizens are calling our President Hitler while waving Nazi and Rebel flags at Town Hall meetings. I think it’s a little deeper than that. Where I’m from I call it hidden racism, but some Americans are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Now this thing with the Presidential Address is the last draw when are the true leaders of our country that say its not about race going to stand up and say something and stop being afraid of their political career’s. Believe it or not citizens will respect you more plus you’ll be able to sleep good at night knowing you did the right thing. I have never been so disrespected as a black man today, when I picked my daughter up at school and the teacher; even though it’s not her fault just doing her job; she gave us a note to opt out my child to watch our Commander In Chief speak on Tuesday.  I’m thirty eight years old and have witnessed several Presidents speak to our future leaders. Whether I or my parents agreed with the previous Presidents politics, I have never seen this type of embarrassment of our country in my time. Not one time did America say I don’t want my kids to see what the one most important person in America had to say during any of those times that they appeared before our kids? I am a former Marine and also served in the North Carolina National Guard. Yes this is all of our country!!  Black, White, Asian, Latino etc. my American brothers and sisters. Get over it and accept the fact that most American have moved on and it’s not nineteen sixty. We now have a Black President at least respect him during his term just like you have all the others since 1789. I truly feel its racism and we need to be ashamed as Americans to think that we have the world fooled that we get along so well here. The protesters are saying that they don’t want him to influence their kids. The only thing he’s trying to do is get a public option health bill passed. That’s great, it’s the first time in decades that government has really tried to do something of substance for the citizens. He didn’t say it’s ok to smoke pot. I’m so sick of politicians talking about taxes, because we all know we got to pay them anyway. I’m excited about the public option, and I hope the bill passes. Will our true leaders stand up and say something.



Darian Ward

(AKA)Disrespected American




+1 #5 2009-09-14 17:04
I would like to know what the white guy from Sept 12 does when it is time to stand up against racism in America?

I have many white friends who claim to be against racism, but they never do anything to combat the ignorance represented by racism.

I am black and do not really care for anything Obama has to say. However, they told me there were a bunch of white guys bashing Obama in Applebees this past weekend. Many of their comments were negative about race.

I asked them what did they contribute to the conversation to defend Obama and they said they did nothing. Good guys, but no backbone to stand up for what they say they believe in.
-1 #4 2009-09-12 12:50
I am trying to believe in Obama. I do not think he lies as much as previous presidents.
-1 #3 2009-09-12 07:02
You are wise and brave to say this is about race. I have been amazed at how differently this president has been treated. Like you said, he IS the President of the United States and he does not need permission to speak. Also, he nor any public speaker deserve to be heckled on the public stage. I, too, agree this and everything is about race. I am a white man who believes I live with white privledge. I serve to be an anti-racist. Americans have to honestly ask themselves and others this very courageous question, "Why do we not trust black people?" Really reflect on this and be honest with yourself. Thanks for your comments Darian. They inspired me to post this.
+1 #2 2009-09-09 04:17
Obama is one lying asshole, just like all the presidents before him. Why did people expect so much from this man? He fed them fancy speeches and pretty smiles, buzz words, etc, only to get elected and do nothing just like the ones before him. No way one man can change in 4 years what American has been about for 200 years.
+1 #1 2009-09-05 06:26
That's what socialists dictators do, get on TV and start indoctrination speeches. It's not about his race.

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