Is Racism Fueling Obama Protests? E-mail
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Written by James Rogers   

I think people do have legitmate concerns about some decisions made in the government, but I do agree that people do have some underlying prejudices about having a black president.

I feel alot of these teabaggers and protesters do have some racial prejudice regarding how they disagree with anything that Obama proposes. When Bush was in office proposing the same thing you didn't hear a peep out of these protesters. It' as if they were saying "We don't mind being taken advantage of or fleeced by a president who happens to be white". People should be able to disagree in a civil manner without the extra harshness and buzz words in their town and rhetoric. The truth of the matter is ALL politicians lie, but the approach of alot of these protesters has an obvious racial slant to it and the issues need to be the center of focus and not the person lobbying for or against the issues.


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