Potluck - Pipe Dreams Review E-mail
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Potluck is a smorgasboard of gangsta rap, reggae, beat boxing, and comedy. While the lyrics don't exactly conjure the images of Baptist women and asparagus casserole that the name would imply, Potluck proves that rappers can, occasionally, rhyme about something other than bitches and hoes. In addition to the typical rap themes found on “Stoner Bitch,” and “Smoke the Pain Away,” the album also highlights some issues such as media defining unrealistic beauty, family, poverty, and macaroni and cheese.
Isosceles Project E-mail
Written by AlphaTron   

The Isosceles project. I like this band out of Toronto, even though they have no lead singer/vocalist. When I was in Toronto, I saw them on the show 'disband'. My thoughts regarding the judges is that they were wrong. I recommend their debut EP Oblivion's Candle.

Fall Out Boy - Folie a Deux Review E-mail
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Why do people hate emo music? It's probably because of Fall Out Boy. The band apparently forgot the one benefit to being emo since their previous CD, in which they developed the uncanny ability to create songs so simple that they seep into your mind for eternity, until the innocent listener finally breaks down and buys the album, in a vain attempt to regain control over the mind. However, Folie a Deux is so simplified and boring that it has devolved into a new genre below emo, which isn't even catchy. This genre combines the two most horrifying genres, emo and disco, and the result is a nauseating mesh of skull-grating sounds labeled incorrectly as “music.”

Static X - Bled for Days E-mail
Written by Gears   

This band started back in 94 by a Mr Static from Michigan is NICE. They mix genres in this song but they call it 'Evil Disco'.

Ataris - Not Capable of Love E-mail
Written by O.C.   

Really like this band. They have a nice smooth flow


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