Lady GaGa: Evidence the music industry is force feeding trash E-mail
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Written by AlphaTron   

Why does the industry keep force feeding people this garbage. This is noise pollution

Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You Review E-mail
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Within one week of Lily Allen's first album release, she made it to the top of album charts, single charts, airplay and download charts. The question of the century is, “Why?” Perhaps it is her uncanny ability to hit two whole notes perfectly in a song, or her innovative methods of combining elevator music and pop into one nauseatingly boring genre hereby dubbed popevator. Or maybe it is her full reliance on her studio engineer's skills at overdubbing, or a plague of global insanity. No, no. I believe she summed it up for us in her lyrics of The Fear. “I'll take off my clothes and it will be shameless/ 'cause everyone knows that's how you get famous.” Or, of course, there is always talent. But if you're a vapid husk of flesh, thank God for plan B.
Chris Brown Arrested for Beating Rihanna E-mail
Written by Sam Calhoun   
I thought Chris Brown and Rihanna got along better than that. It's amazing what goes on with people in their private lives
The All-American Rejects - When the World Comes Down Review E-mail
Catchy, moody, and relatable, The All-American Rejects incorporate all the qualities of classic emo music into their newest album, with a dash of creativity and talent for good measure. Though the style would be an epic failure for anyone looking to analyze a work of musical genius, or accompany the brooding thoughts of a philosophical mind, it is perfect for a summer cruise around the city, upbeat music for a party, or singing loudly in the shower when no one else can hear.

Released December 18, 2008

Mariah Carey - Touch My Body Review E-mail
Written by Jay Dee   
Mariah Carey refuses to go away silently. She is still making hit songs and this is evident with her latest smash single, "Touch My Body."

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