How to Access Myspace if its Blocked at Your School or Workplace E-mail
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This tutorial explores different ways to bypass a firewall that is blocking Myspace at your school or workplace. This tutorial explores different ways to bypass a firewall that is blocking Myspace at your school or workplace.
*Disclaimer - accepts no responsibility if you break any rules or laws using the information below.

How to access Myspace  through a firewall at your school or workplace.

There are many different ways that can potentially bypass the firewall that your school or workplace has put into place to unblock Myspace.  You may be able to access MySpace or other sites that have been blocked via a firewall through:

1.Vtunnel (Recommended)
3.Other some Proxy services

If the above does not work to unblock myspace, try the following...

1. You will need webhosting for this method. There are many free web hosts on the internet, just do a google search. You can also buy a cheap paid hosting account for around $5 a month. Your Internet Service Provider may already provide you with a small amount of web space.

2. Install a proxy server.

3. Remove all instances of the word Proxy - it is a “blacklist word” and filtered by firewalls

4. Test surf to MySpace through your new proxy. Myspace should now be unblocked. server


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