Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, Paula White Investigated for Fraud E-mail
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There's a list of high powered, high profile minsters being investigated by the senate for fraud. This list includes:

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Benny Henn

I always wondered how genuine this guy was as I kept hearing stories about how people would go to his shows and see people pretending to faint. All the money he makes he could have helped develop some of those poor communities visited.

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I've watched some of her programs and she seems really earnest and genuine about what she's doing. Maybe the money is a strong temptation for her I dont' know. I heard she sold 5 of her extravagant homes after having a story done about her finances.

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Now he just looks crooked. He says alot of good stuff, but he seems like he's always got some alternative agenda. Check out pictures of his house below.

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Paula White

I don't know much about her.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Eddie Long

I always wondered why he's always preaching sermons with these muscle shirts on. He says some decent stuff, but he's also flashy. Check the picture of him below. Even if you don't judge a book by it's cover, he looks kinda pimpish right here.

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Great work Layman! Creflo & Taffi Dollar (their names sound crooked!) are being investigated. Creflo is making a bunch of money and driving some fancy cars! Probably gifts purchased by one of his "Faith Based" friend's organizations. Eddie Long preaches on TV with his skin-tight muscle shirts, 44 inch pythons bulging, 36 inch chest flexing, and thinks he is actually preaching about the Lord! This guy is causing so much lust in his church and the women watching from their homes that he should be ashamed of himself. Shame on the lusters, but more shame on the leader leading them into temptation!

Can you imagine if the US Senate finds out these "Faith Based" people are robbing their congregations blind? Can you see a mass Exodus (get it?) of preachers leaving the pulpit as the Pimps in the Pulpit will be exposed? Maybe we can get rid of some of the polluted pulpits when these people and their crooked tactics are brought to light. Will this move by the Senate be the move that causes the cream to rise to the top? Will "real" ministers be left then? The modest, humble preachers who live no better than the sheep in their congregations they are charged with leading to their God? I certainly hope so.

This will be interesting as the Republican Senate investigates these guys and gals. A bunch of these ministers actually helped the Republicans get elected 4 years ago and they appear to now be biting the hands that fed them.



+2 #74 Snoop 2014-01-29 19:04
I don't trust the Pimps in the Pulpit!! Why are they dressing really nice, living in mansions, when the people putting the money in the pots are 1 paycheck away from being homeless?
+2 #73 SASSY 2014-01-18 20:05
These people need to be investigated..They are living high on the hog while there are people starving in the world. They are buying mansions, cars.WAKE UP AMERICA, STOP GIVING THESE PHONYS MONEY..They are not of god..They are in it for themselves..Melissa Scott Ministries should be investigated too.Why isnt she in the list of names to be investigated...She is a con artist..I wont send them a penny.They are living on your money and dont care about you or me. they need too be put out of business.anonmys
-1 #72 vanessa delphin 2012-10-12 17:13
These mega church preachers are giving church and religion a bad rap. They flaunt their jewels and prosperity and their congregations are looking for those same gifts.

If you have a real problem with the Blessings of God and those that believe His Word, then you should go question God and tell Him His Word and the Covenant He made with Abraham was wrong and that you prefer we should all remain sick and broke and under a curse?
One question I like to ask is - was it excessive for Abraham, Jacob, Solomon etc to have more than one cow, sheep or whatever?
+5 #71 2012-07-26 14:00
These mega church preachers are giving church and religion a bad rap. They flaunt their jewels and prosperity and their congregations are looking for those same gifts.
+3 #70 2012-07-26 10:51
+1 #69 2012-01-29 16:29
Will anything ever come out of this investigation? Eddie Long is the only to be taken down during this entire investigation. And his stupidity got the best of him. These people are too powerful to touch with their fancy cars, houses, boats, planes, etc. They are huge figures!
+1 #68 2012-01-28 22:53
I know everyone has an opinion, but let's look at the facts of God. God says that He will give us all things. And Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God. These people you are bashing are helping people all over the world. Check out there ministries and the things they have accomplished. You don't bash a football player for getting millions for running around a field with a ball, but you try to curse men and women of God who serve Him and are blessed by Him for doing His will. Praise God they are blessed. So many drug dealers and crooked business men and wicked wealty people and you want to hurt on men and women of God who love God and serve Him with their lives and go to many countries feeding the poor, housing them and rescuing sex slaves and reabilitating and providing for them. Yes, God said to go and not worry about taking anthing with you, but it was because He would supply all our needs and wants when you follow Him and give voice to the Word of God. Praise God!
+8 #67 2012-01-08 15:34
You poor, confused man. It is not holy for any man or woman to use the ministry for their own personal gain. Their ministries are all about money. It is not holy for them to preach their false messages, which are not even as God-centered as they should be, and reap millions of dollars from their followers. These people are false idols. While it is true that we cannot know what is truly in their hearts, we can see from their actions that they live opulent lifestyles with money given to them for the Lord's work. Do you think God wants these people to buy million dollar homes and expensive sports cars with the money they were given for His ministry? I certainly don't. The Bible tells us what Christ did when he saw money lenders in the temple.
-7 #66 2012-01-07 19:41
How dare you talk about Holly men and Women of God,first know that you are sick with jealousy,its not your job to judge other people,people watch your mouths before talking about Gods children.I respect Joyce Meyer Benny Hinn DR Creflo dollar and everyone who is doing Gods precious work.really children of God will never critisis others especially GODS servents.Evander holly field has done a great Job by tithing to the church,but many women in America dont really respect God like Holly fields wife,many whores are in America.only God can save that country.may God bless all these men of God.
+10 #65 2011-12-27 02:52
I am a waiter at a gated community Joyce lives in. This is where she spends maybe one month a year and the house was bought for 9million with 2000 a month in country club and golf fees. She has a bodyguard at all times whom flies everywhere with her. She is the epitome of excess. The fact anyone would send her one cent to support her lifestyle is sickening. She is a complete fraud.
Her sunglasses cost mor than I make in a week, I make $1000.00 a week. She is one of the oddest, dysfunctional person I've waited on. Her husband, David, is right there with her...weird. 100 million dollars a year she makes....13million spent on her ministries, sounds like a lot until you investigate what this thief does wit the other 87 million. There's a special place for people like her, and David.

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