Lady GaGa: Evidence the music industry is force feeding trash E-mail
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Written by AlphaTron   

Why does the industry keep force feeding people this garbage. This is noise pollution

I'm still amazed that people buy this stuff. I can get a keyboard and some sound mixing machines and make crazy sounds and yell on a mic. Radios should be fined for playing alot of this pop garbage. This is evidence of how mindless consumers have become. This is just one more arsenal in the industries box to create a tolerance for horrible music. This has got to stop. We need to take back radio and make the industry put out better music. Again this is why most artists I listen to now are underground or old artists from the past. Torturing people with the likes of Lady Gaga should be a crime.



0 #4 2011-09-01 13:38
I agree man! 100% agree!
+1 #3 2011-08-21 22:39
I would like to say that some of the older people in the 70's were bordering on trash and some of the people from the 30s to 5o's were really bad too. There has been this tolerance for trash because anything that is hyped is accepted and the greatness that is shoved aside may never be heard because of a few people who want to seel Mc. Donolds..people eat it up.
0 #2 2011-07-20 17:40
She is really getting on my nerves musically. However, she knows how to play the game and is going to make a lot of money!
+1 #1 2011-05-18 10:51
Couldn't agree more. I pesonally come from a long background of professional music. First off, ackowledge the fact that mainstream music is DEAD.

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